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camping for kids

Sassafrass Camping Co. is a childrens' camping brand that focuses on playfullness to encourage kids to learn and be uniquely themselves.

Passion Project —————————— I first went to a Girl Scout sleep away camp when I was 10, and it ended up being a foundational part of my life growing up. My camp, Camp Grove Point, was on the Sassafrass River, which is this brand's namesake. Being at camp was an opportunity for me to make friends, learn new skills and hobbies, and not only discover who I am, but become a better version of myself. This project is a passion project and my main goal is that I want to give back and hope that other kids could enjoy the same fun summers as I did.

Branding Process

I chose energizing and gender neutral colors for the brand's palette.
Color Palette —————————— 1/4
My design inspiration for this brand is to create products that encourage children to get into nature and camping as a form of self discovery, creativity, and independence. The branding and voice of the brand aims to be welcoming, playful, fun and inclusive. 

Logo Development —————————— 2/4I started sketching logo ideas, initially going in the direction of a pictorial, image based logo. After struggling to find something that looks good, I sketched the one logo in a triangle that reminded me of a girl scout patch. That sparked the inspiration for the patch logo variations. After planning the shapes I moved to digitizing. I took them back to paper and started doing revisions until the type fit the space better. I was then able to digitize those sketches to be the final versions.  
Refining process of the logos. I used tracing paper to made revisions to the topography that started from digitaly warped typed.
Beginning of logo ideation. Sketching process led to the patch concept.
Finalized digital logo variations.
Brand Patterns —————————— 3/4The main pattern is a wavy, monochromatic checker board. The movement of checked pattern gives the creative and energized ethos of the brand while staying gender neutral. 

Used as a supporting pattern, logo repeition and hand type add variety.
Bandaids and bandaid packaging featuring a logo pattern, the checker board pattern, and a hand lettering design.
Typography —————————— 4/4My wordmarks were hand lettered but based off of Chee Tbone.

Obviously is used on most deliverables for headlines and large type.

Termina is used for bodycopy, subcopy, and any other small fine print. It is also used throughout the app.

Example of heirachy on packaging.


Phone App —————————— 1/3
A beginner friendly camping app aimed to educate children on camping and provide fun activities and camping ideas!

Features include camp songs, first aid, fire building education, activity guides, constellation maps, and campire recipies. 

Victoria MILLSAP
American based in Paris

Masters Student at LISAA Paris 
Art Direction & Typography → 2023—2025

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