No Future

Music Festival

Punk history modern community

This music festival aims to bring the punk movement back to a community-based experience, hearkening to the movement’s origins and ideals.

Illustrations, photographs, videos and hand rendered typographic elements are all self produced.

Layout —————————— 1/4
The typography was the most important element of the branding because I wanted to accurately represent the punk music scene while bringing an element of polished design to the layouts. The balance of chaos and form give this festival the true feel of the music and community while also being digestible and legible. 

Typography Process

These two scans (above and right) show the two layer process of creating the typeface for the band names. The solid bottom layer plus the outline top layer, including the stylized letter breaks.
The scanned image of the hand rendered title letter on ripped and crumpled paper to further stylize and warp the lettering.
Photography —————————— 2/4
This branding of this festival focuses on the rich history of punk design and visuals. The underground gritty nature of punk scenes plays with the bold hand drawn type in order to feel loud and creative. The images I selected show that the community is people driven, and does not exist without the coming together and sharing of passions and ideas. The photo texturing helps show the raw nature of punk music shows and aesthetic.
The original photo.

The printed and scanned version of my photograph to naturally add gritty, halftone, paper textures, etc. to emulate how original punk posters were made.
Illustration —————————— 3/4
I first drew the illustrations with black ink to achieve the super sketchy, aggressive look I wanted. Then I scanned and digitized the images to use as transparent illustrations throughout the designs. My goal has to have a cohesive language between the illustrations, the hand type, and the photos.

Victoria MILLSAP
American based in Paris

Masters Student at LISAA Paris 
Art Direction & Typography → 2023—2025

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