The Halyard 

Quarterly Publication

Sailing culture

Based on the juxtaposition of the harsh seas and the tranquil skies, the design and print of the zine reflects the experience of sailing. Being a sailor is a hands on activity. It requires dedication and effort, but the feeling on flying over the waves is worth it all. Written by sailors for sailors, The Halyard takes the stories and experiences of the sailing world and makes it available at your fingertips.

Layout —————————— 1/4
Some of the key elements I used throughout the quarterly are my photographs, linoleum prints, and experimental type. 

Focusing on the impact that the sailing industry has on the environment, key elements such as the linoleum print topographic map connect the nautical audience to the physical sea. Many of the motifs used throughout the magazine speak to the maritime audience, including the nautical flags and semaphore signals which create extra headings or messages. The balance between simple vector elements and textures from photo and type represents the dichotomy of sailing; it can be relaxing yet tumultuous.

Design Process

An example of a physical print, which I then scanned and digitized for the magazine.
The linolium block I carved to make the topographic print.
Icons & Imagery —————————— 2/4
The symbols used throughout the branding of this magazine are semaphore signals and the maritime flags representing the alphabet and numbers. The symbols are not only used on infographic pages, but throughout, as pagination, chapter markers, and subtle subject headers. 
Scanned, experimental type replicates the movement and feeling of waves and being on a sailboat. 

Folios & Pagination —————————— 3/4 As a nod to sailors' forms of communication, maritime flags and symbols add an extra layer of storytelling to this magazine. This custom number set is based off of the style of typefaces commonly used on racing boats. The flag, here also representing the number 4, acts as a design element with the function of a folio, for readers. 


Victoria MILLSAP
American based in Paris

Masters Student at LISAA Paris 
Art Direction & Typography → 2023—2025

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