Cn D Juniors

Branding, Typography & Augmented Reality

Centre national de la danse

A collaborative project working with the Centre National de la Danse to create a fun and engaging introduction to the center for children and their parents.


Mina Lavergne, Théo Willocq

Special Thanks
Sora Duchatelet, Benjamin Devy
Project Brief —————————— 1/7
Working with the CN D, we created a visiter's guide for children ages 7-12 and their families. The goal is to share the mission and activities of the Centre National de la Danse with people outside of the world of dance, as well as the history of the organisation and building.

A scan of the hand lettering I created.
Typography —————————— 2/7

Starting with almost 100 pages of rough typography inspiration, I experimented with different styles of hand type.

The style we went with felt playful, loud, and inviting- all aspects we wanted to embody for the children. It is easy to read and gave a lot of personality.

For the creation process, I first lettered the final version of our copy and titles, then scanned the pages (left). I then digitized the type by creating bitmaps (right).

Bitmap version of the lettering.

The deconstructed style of the handlettered titles continues to build the motion of the layout. The letters move together as a reaction from one another, feeling grounded yet free. They serve as the foundation for other elements: the drawings and characters.

Digitized bitmap of a doodle.

Drawings & Texture —————————— 3/7

In keeping with the human feel of the hand lettering, I doodled shapes and line elements to interact and play with the typography in the layout. 

The doodle designs represent the playful, fun, and energenic aspects of le CN D. It was important to represent dance's sense of movement and interaction for the children.

Scanned paper of hand drawn doodles.
The Characters —————————— 4/7
Each of the characters represents a visual design element of the CN D building. The historical important of the CN D architecture was a key aspect we wanted to represent in our design, not only for the educational aspect, but because the building truely has as impactful impression on you from the moment you enter. 

The character Arabesque, who represents the unique shape of the windows.

A photo of the outside of the building, showing the unique shapes of the windows.
The grandious brutalist style is complimented by large, uniquely shaped windows. The walls have subtle aztec inspired designs and patterns carved into them. Not only is the building itself a magnificent feat of design, but the elements inside the building are a collaboration of artists as well. The mirrors, tables, and light fixtures are work together in harmony to create a new world of Brutalism.
Layout —————————— 5/7
Back cover connects together.

Folding variations of ways to read the poster.

Victoria MILLSAP
American based in Paris

Masters Student at LISAA Paris 
Art Direction & Typography → 2023—2025

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