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Women Centered

The Major Arcana- the universal human experience, encapulates the personal journey and story of each tattoo. In a world dominated by men, Arcana is a women run and focused tattoo shop that creates a friendly and safe space for women in the tattoo industry.

Project  Members:
Elinor Franklin and Samantha Chung


Inspiration —————————— 1/3
Arcana is a brand experience that focuses on first time tattoos for women. The name means mysteries or secrets, connected to the shops theme of Tarot Cards and the mystic world. The tattoo experience is often connected to a personal journey of self expression and reflect the shop’s goal of welcoming women into the world of tattoos.

Colors —————————— 2/4

Keeping with the idea of bold feminitity, our color palette includes a cheerful light pink, a vivacious fuscia, a strong navy, and an elegent gold. The aspects of these colors highlight the unity of women in store, and represent their confidence and professionalism. 
Logo —————————— 3/4
Our main logo consists of the type lock up with the sun behind, creating a knock-out style logo. The application of the sun is gilded gold on the physical deliverables, creating an epherial aestethic that matches the natural and whimsical curves of the type face.

The font is Tan - Pearl Regular.
Illustrations —————————— 4/4

We experimented a lot with illustration style and imagery, and chose the direction that reflects the history of tarot while connecting to the modern woman. 

The motifs we selected were the moon, stars, constelations, and clouds.


Posters —————————— 1/3
As Arcana is a local Philly tattoo shop, we used street poster advertisements as one of the main form of publicity. The triad of posters serves as both an eye catching and informational print colatoral, while also being cute enough our clients would want to hang on in their home. 

Merchendise —————————— 2/3

It was important to us to create elements of this project that would connect with our clients. Merch such as bandanas and bags help people feel connected to the shop and represent the artists when wearing it out and about.

Victoria MILLSAP
American based in Paris

Masters Student at LISAA Paris 
Art Direction & Typography → 2023—2025

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